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Kerala Houseboats
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Kerala Houseboats

Kerala Houseboats are called "Kettu Vallam" in olden days. (Kettu – Tie) the wooden logs together with ropes , coconut fibers. (Vallam – Boat).There would not be any nails added to fix the wooden logs. These boats are used for the large barges to transport the rice grains from the paddy fields to the port in Alleppey.

Alleppey: In ancient days, Alleppey had the first sea port in south Kerala connected with backwaters to transport the spices, rice grains and the materials for the lake based villages and hill stations besides Kottayam District..Later the port has been shifted to Kochi.

Then the wooden vessels slowly migrated to luxury dwellings called Houseboat with living space and bath attached bed rooms with a kitchen and extremely changed for the travelers expectations.

Then Kerala Government got interested to promote backwater tourism in Kerala. They classified the houseboats with its amenities as Silver Star, Gold Star & Green Palm (Eco –Friendly boats)

Silver Star: The boats with less amenities like small living space and a bedrooms with the oars men power by punting by the backwater village community persons.

Gold Star : This categorized boats with luxurious amenities and spacious living areas with bath attached bedrooms with bio – Tanks fitted with less pollution. Electricity generated by a generators providing Air-conditions in the rooms with Kitchen amenities.

Green Palm (Eco –Friendly boats): These boats are without pollutions brings the nature with solar panels genating less power with highly focused traditional kerala Style.

All these boats have the structure to invite all the tourists to bring to kerala with its own kerala style food attracts many tourists to spend more nights on Kerala backwaters

These boats have 60 - 90 feet length and indulge in the mid a luxurious floating villas.

Some boats will have an upper deck (Sun Deck) to relish with the nature like, Sun Bath and enjoy the glimpse of Kerala backwaters.

Some boats which has a long upper deck layer with conference facilities to bring down the corporate to Kerala backwaters to avail conference, meetings, Get-together and wedding parties

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